It's Good to See You, by Alan Taylor                  -- Don Williams


    [C]     /      /     [F]    [C]
It's good to see you... so good to see you 
            [G7]                      [C]
Oh how I've
missed you since I've been gone / [F] [C]
I've crossed the ocean
traveled through man-y lands [G7] [C]
It's good to
see you to be in your home

There's something in me
[F]that makes me [C]wander
There's many a [G7]land I have to [C]see  
And when I'm far away [F]in a land of [C]strangers
I know my [G7]good friends think on [C]me


Oh it's a wonder
[F]when it comes to [C]friendship
No matter how [G7]far away no matter how [C]long
There's a constant thread [F]that's never [C]broken
And it ties me [G7]to my friends at [C]home