TreeLight Startup Page:
Making Startups Happen

A guide to getting your startup off the ground, getting it funded, and making it profitable. A continuing work in progress that reflects a technologist's understanding of the startup process.

General Models

The Tetrahedral Model
Three legs of the tripod: technology, marketing, and finance. Roofing the pyramid: Organization. Pinpointing the foundation: The organization's mission.

Investor Models
Who will invest in the enterprise, and why. The induction hypothesis.
Buyer Models
A general picture of potential buyers, how much of a market they represent, how much it costs to penetrate that market, and the shape of the adoption curve.
The Third Time is the Charm
Why entrepreneurs tend to succeed on their third venture.

Company-Specific Models

Technology Models
What the product has to do to win in a given market. A scenario that shows how it is used. Component listing and risk analysis.
Revenue Models
Who the customers are for the proposed technology, how they will be reached, what they will pay.
Growth Models
The plans that show how you get to the great end result you're projecting.
Business Models
Structuring the organization: Legal entities, risks and costs.

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