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Missing Quotation Marks in the First Printing of the Book

Please add quotation marks where instructed.

p. 70:

p. 71:

p. 90:

p. 94:

p. 95:

p. 196:

p. 212:

p. 222:

p. 234:

p. 258:

p. 271:

p. 276:

p. 279:

p. 285:

p. 286:

p. 288:

p. 289:

p. 291:

p. 292:

p. 293:

p. 330:

p. 348:

p. 482:

Name		Label			Enabled
btnNew      New Game		true
btnPass     __Pass__		false

p. 526:

p. 528:

p. 529:

p. 530:

p. 540:

p. 549:

p. 550

p. 551:

p. 594:

p. 615:

p. 619:

	case 'd':
	case 't':
	case 'r':
	case 'n':

p. 622:

p. 623:

      putValue(Action.NAME, "Mark Done");
      putValue(Action.SHORT_DESCRIPTION, "Mark a task as done.");

p. 625:

p. 628:

p. 629:

p. 634:

p. 636:

p. 637:

	new URL("file:" + filePath);

p. 639:

p. 649:

p. 652:

p. 653:

p. 656:

p. 671:

p. 734:

p. 735:

p. 737:

Chapter 11: Getting More Out of JBuilder

Add the following paragraph to page 349:

When you are deploying an applet, you may need to ensure that the deployment wizard picks up Swing "look and feel" classes, JBCL classes, and JGL classes (depending on which classes the applet uses). Otherwise, the applet will work fine in JBuilder but will not work when deployed. Those steps require uncommenting the look and feel rendition-code in the static initializer and making sure not to exclude the JBCL and JGL libaries in the deployment wizard if they are needed. For complete directions, go to: and select "Build and Deploy an Applet in JBuilder". (Thanks to Joseph Walsh for this info.)

Chapter 16: Scheduling a Project

Add the following (step 2.5) to the list under Getting Started on page 565:

Create a new directory, c:\JBuilder2\myprojects\com (assuming that is where JBuilder is installed). Then, using the CD that came with this book, copy the contents of \projects\com to the new directory. This directory contains two Swing "extension: classes for the package, DefaultTreeCellRenderer and DefaultTreeCellEditor. Earlier versions of the Swing libraries do not include these two classes, although later versions should.

Add the following to step three in the list under Getting Started on page 565:

The latest versions of the Swing libaries have migrated to the package /javax/swing. If you download such a version, you will need to modify the Scheduler app so that the import statements in each file have the proper path. (The Swing download includes a utility to make that easier. It keeps in mind the fact that while most Swing packages have migrated to /javax/swing, two of the "look & feel" packages have remained behind in com/sun/java/swing. Those packages are for the Motif look & feel and the Windows look & feel.)

Chapter 18: Looking Forward

Add the following to page 665, under "Database Access":

To get a CD-based multimedia tutorial on database programming with JBuilder, go to

Appendix A: Troubleshooting Tips

Add the following to Program Runtime Errors on page 689:

"Can't run deployed applet"

If the applet runs fine in the development enviroment, but does not run when packaged into a JAR file, you may need to uncomment the code that loads the Swing look & feel classes in the static initializer. If the applet uses classes in the JBCL or JGL libraries, you may also need to make sure that they are not excluded by the deployment wizard. For more information, see, and select "Build and Deploy an Applet in JBuilder".

Appendix E: Additional Resources

Add the following to Java Software, Utilities, and APIs on page 744:

Item: Additional Swing-based components
A library of additional components for the Swing tookit. Freely downloadable. Includes a date chooser component.