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Death by Supermarket:
The Fattening, Dumbing Down,
and Poisoning of America

by Nancy Deville

An important work that summarizes many of the problems with the American food supply, and takes corporations to task for creating and perpetuating the problem.
[5 stars]
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by Eric Armstrong

Here's the review I posted at Amazon.com:

You are in a War with American Corporations

I agree totally with the premise of this book, and have written about many of the same topics at treelight.com/health. Trans fats, high fructose syrup, and MSG are slow-acting, long-term poisons that pollute your body, destroy your health, and pack on the pounds.

And that's just the start. "Agave Nectar" is supposed to be the new and wonderful "healthy sweet". But guess what? It's just High Fructose Agave Syrup. So even when you're trying to be healthy, an American corporation stands ready to make a buck at your expense. While one corporation helps you poison yourself with your fork, another is making a pill you can buy to help you manage the symptoms of (not cure) the resulting disease.

Clearly, food corporations are winning the battle of the bulge. Advertising and profitable ingredients are their major weapons. You are fighting a guerrilla action, and your only defense is informed intelligence.

Nor do you have any allies in this fight. The FDA is not allowed to address long-term (chronic) health issues. Their charter forbids it. They are only allowed to act in cases of immediate (acute) harm. As long as corporate money holds sway in the halls of Congress, that charter will not change.

So arm yourself with information! This book is a good place to start. And pray for the day that, at last, we put people before profits. On that day, the powerful engines of profitability will be harnessed to serve humanity, instead of destroying lives in the shameless pursuit of wealth.


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