Healing the Intestines
A Program for the Repair and
Regeneration of the Intestinal Tract

Intestinal healing is particularly recommended for those whose intestines have been ravaged by gluten intolerance, as described in What's Wrong with Wheat? But it can also be of benefit to anyone who wants robust health, by making the major organs of assimilation and elimination as efficient as possible.

Eric Armstrong

An exact program still needs to be worked out. But the ingredients are well known:

The practice can be done for a day or two at a time, at first. Then for a few days. Eventually, it can be done for a week or two. (I've gone two weeks without any food at all. See Magical Moments. So two weeks with all the nutrition the body needs is basically a walk in the park.)

Liquid Diet

Sometimes called a "Juice Fast", or "Juice and Tea Fast", it's like fasting, but the goal is to make sure the body has everything it needs to be running in top form, both physically and mentally. That way, it has the energy and raw materials it needs to heal the digestive tract. (The fasting part, meanwhile, means there is no solid matter for the intestines to handle. It's like a traffic-control crew that keeps traffic at a bay, allowing the construction crew to get out into the road to make repairs.)

Fasting is also a powerful modality in its own right. Fasting on water alone, in particular, gives the body a chance to do a lot of internal housecleaning. (For more, see the bible on the subject, written by Dr. Joel Fuhrman: Fasting and Eating for Health.)

Intestinal Cleansing

Enemas clean the lower tract. They're especially useful in the early stages, to get rid of accumulated fecal matter. (With the lower tract cleaned out, it's easier to clean the upper tract. Eliminating blockages reduces the tendency for things to "back up" and cause bloating.


Full-Tract Cleaning & Healing

Notes on Urine Therapy:




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