Training with Body Weight

This is an exercise program that uses mostly body weight for resistance. For a couple of muscle groups, dumbells are pressed into service to deliver the right amount of resistance, but most of the exercises depend on body weight.


This is a two-day a week program. Each session takes 20 to 30 minutes. That's pretty time efficient, considering that every major muscle group gets exercised. On the other days, you might try to work in exercises on a schedule like this:

  Abs Body
Session #1
Abs Abs Body
Session #2
Abs Grips & Hips

I have found over time that more than two days a week of serious resistance training puts me into "overtraining" (fatigue, ennui) in a matter of weeks. So this program is built around what I know I can take. If you're in high school or college, or not far out of those, you may well be able to stand a more aggressive schedule. Play with it. See what works best for you.

Play around with the schedule anyway. I tend to come up with a new training schedule every couple of months. As a friend of mine once said, if you want longevity in exercising, you have to commit to variety. Wise words.

Session 1

This session centers on the chest, back, arms, and trapezius muscles. Here are the exercises:

Session #2

This session works the deltoids, lats, and leg muscles. Here are the exercises:

Grips and Hips

The sequences above work all the major muscle groups, with the exception of the forearms and hips, and inner thighs. To target those muscle groups, here are some exercises you can optionally throw in for a third day of exercising:


These exercises require very little equipment, take little time, and provide extraordinarly health benefits. They're worth doing!

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