2-3-5, 7-11
To Be Alive,
and Livin' in Heaven

The right kind of weight training can grow muscle in very little time. The 2-3-5, 7-11 program gives you maximum benefit in as little as 20 minutes every 7 to 10 days.

Eric Armstrong

What does it mean to be "alive"? Well, for starters it means being active. It means:

Whether your goal is to stay alive in a dodgeball game, to keep your team alive in a tournament, to catch a jackrabbit for dinner, or to live your golden years, rather than merely existing through them, the right kind of weight training is a vital part of that process.

With weight training, you:

Clearly, weight training is an important component of any exercise program. It's not the only part -- you still need cardiovascular training, endurance training, stretching, and the skills training that is relevant to your sport or activity -- but the right kind of weight training is a vital part of your overall training program.

Kind of Training
--free weights and cable machines
--build stabilizing muscles and coordination
--want to work multiple muscle groups together, the way you do in life

Goal: Grow muscle. Need to do enough to stress the muscle and promote release of growth hormone that produces the result

--no more than 2 reps in each warm up set as you work up to your target weight

--no more than 3 warm up sets (ex: 2 at 50%, 1 at 85%, 1 @95%)

--3 to 5 reps
--1 rep is most effective, but also has highest risk of injury
--2 reps is better, but still a fairly high risk
--3-5 produces maximum growth, with minimum risk
--more is waste.
--creatine levels, 10 second max, 100 yard sprint,
--makes bigger muscles, because they retain more water to combat the soreness, but not stronger muscles

--everything else just increases soreness, without building muscle

--7 to 10 days recovery time

--I find that after 14 days, I'm still lifting heavier weight than the last time -- a sign that I'm fully recovered and "overbuilt"
--but then I'm really sore, after the weight training session, too.
--maybe the muscle will be more ready for activity in that 7-10 day window. Have to see

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