Ipsalu Tantra:
Removing the Sexual Obstacles
to Spiritual Fulfillment

Ipsalu Tantra is a path of healing--a way to recover from the traumas and emotional scars of a 20th century upbringing. It is spirituality for the 21st century.

Eric Armstrong

In truth, sexuality is not an obstacle to spiritual growth. Rather, it is an integral part of spiritual development. But in the West, guilt, shame, and repression have created massive barriers between our selves and the Divine. Ipsalu Tantra provides an antidote. It lets you recapture the childlike innocence with which you came into the world. In a series of processes, going only as far as you comfortably can, you gradually shed the psychic blocks that prevent you from freely expressing your energies, and reconnect with pure love.

Learn more at IpsaluTantra.org


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