Healing the Wounds of the Soul

A process for healing the deep wounds that scar our very being, making it impossible to love ourselves and accept ourselves, and therefore to love and accept others.

Eric Armstrong

I am part way down this path. I am by no means a master of it. But I have made substantial progress, and have begun to put together things that form the basis of a healing practice.

Sources of Inspiration

--Meditation, 7 Aug 2011:

"Focusing on the Mouth of God (base of the skull) wakens the inner eye/love consciousness. The martial arts experiences opened the heart to the love of compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness. Together, they can penetrate the knots in the lower chakras, bring memories to light, and witness them with love, for true healing. (The techniques of Yoga Nidra, Theta Healing, and Brain Wave monitoring can help!"

--mouth of God / Ipsalu Tantra / love consciousness
--martial arts breakthrough--heart: gratitude/compassion/forgiveness/acceptance love (link to magical moments)

--book--Soul Wounds
--theta healing technique -- trace the ripple back to the splash
--Yoga Nidra
--Brainwave monitoring
--Power of Music -- Shamanic journey drumming / Bach-Beethoven-Mozart / Kirtan

Goal (link to Science of Personal Transformation)

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