The Athlete's Creed

This version is written for a team. Adjust the language as needed for a solo effort in a group competition (e.g. a race), or for a one-on-one individual competition. The idea is to set your intention for the effort. This version is written as a little prayer. Adjust as needed for a more secular statement of goals.

Eric Armstrong

For a Game

Lord, help our opponents play their hardest, and do their best.
And let us thump 'em anyway, so they know that on their best day,
doing their utmost, they weren't never gonna beat us, no how.

And if they should triumph, let us hold our heads high,
knowing that we achieved greatness today, and that we pushed
our opponents to the greatest heights they have ever known
in order to win.

For Training

Lord, give me the will prepare. Give me the strength to endure,
the patience to persist, and the stamina to excel, by way of
focused intensity and
consistent exertion.

Give me the discipline to forge my body into the finely honed
instrument of perfection it was designed to be.

Help me pave the path to excellence with persistent effort,
so that I may both achieve and deserve greatness.

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