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When it comes to health, much has been written, and little of it good. This page lists the best. It contains health and nutrition references that are written for the layman, but generally contain clear explanations and references to the scientific literature. The few exceptions that do not contain references are noted.

by Eric Armstrong

"Must Read" List

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Referenced Books

Crockett, Larry J. The Turing Test and the Frame Problem. Ablex Publishing, 1994.
This book assumes a thorough understanding of both the frame problem and the turing test. Armed with both, it makes sense. Lacking either, it is very tough sledding.
Dennett, Daniel C. Consciousness Explained. Little, Brown & Co, 1991.
A superbly, written, well-conceived explanation of human thought processes.
Ford, Kenneth M. The Robot's Dilemma Revisited. Ablex Publishing, 1996.
A collection of essays on the frame problem. Readability varies, but tends to be slanted towards the professional, rather than the layman.
Minsky, Marvin. Society of Mind. Simon and Schuster, 1985.
A seminal work that shows clearly how the mind can be conceived as a collection of many, very small decision-making elements, each of which acts without awareness of other elements!


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