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XML Tutorial: XML, DTDs, Java APIs for DOM, SAX, and XSLT, plus filters, filter chaining, and how to convert a structured document into XML. When it was written, it was widely regarded as the best available introduction to state-of-the-art XML-processing technologies. Internet dog years being what they are, the technologies are no longer the easiest to use. But the tutorial is still a superb introduction to them. It was included in Addison Wesley's J2EE and Web Services tutorials. The location changes freequently, it seems, but was most recently available as part of the J2EE tutorial here: (See chapters 2,4,5,6 and appendices A,B.)

Sun Java System Application Server 8 Quick Start: A brief tutorial that let users confirm that the installation was successful and get their feet wet with the system.


Data Binding
Converting an XML schema into Java classes. An explanation of APIs designed by Mark Reinhold.

Understanding the TreeModel
A guide for using the Swing Tree component, co-authored with Tom Santos and Steve Wilson.

Understanding Containers
Using window, frame, and dialogs. Based on an interview with Amy Fowler.


Java Web Start Development Guide
Building rich clients that can be updated with the ease of browser-based applications.

Migrating from Java 1.3 to 1.5
A compendium of issues and their resolutions.

Application Server 8 Quick Start Guide
A 5-page guide to confirm that installation was successful and introduce the application server.

Unpublished Papers

Merging Technical Support and Technical Publications
A proposal for a work model that joins technical support and publications into a coherent team that addresses user needs, using web software, Wiki pages, and XML structures. Written for Sun Microsystems.Well-received by the support group.

Requirements for an Automated FAQ System
A paper describing the structural underpinnings of an automated FAQ system that would also allow for human interaction. Written for the knowledge engineering group at Sun and delivered to the group developing forums

Future of the Knowledge-Based Web
A series of unpublished articles on the future of knowledge-based technologies, showing how topic maps will transform the nature of the web and how we use it (written before finding out that there is no coherent agreement on the topics maps model).

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