Project List

A list of projects that are currently underway, as well as future project ideas.

by Eric Armstrong


Eric Armstrong is an accomplished author and software designer who dreams of publishing his books, selling his inventions, and one day owning an orchard. This writeup describes projects that are in various stages of completion. Some are close to finished. Others are merely concepts. The projects fall into the following categories:

This graph is a nearly-complete depiction of some major project dependencies, where an arrow from book one to book two means that the first book has a reference to the second.



Exercise Equipment

Eric Armstrong holds a black belt in martial arts awarded by Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, founder of the art of Jung Su Won. The focus on inner power training and core muscles of the body led him to develop of variety of training aids:



Eric Armstrong has been investigating nutrition since he was high school, and has been an active participant in sports since graduation college. He publishes articles on health, nutrition, and fitness at, and articles on health and politics at




Commercial WebSite

The idea is to sell sports, health, and fitness products that have been tested and personally recommended.

Software Programs

As a trained software designer, Eric Armstrong has been building software programs since he graduated college, back at the dawn of time, before PCs.

XML-based Content Management

The DITA standard has tremendous capabilities for component-based documentation. But installations that employ it need a variety of tools to ensure quality. Oddly, as yet virtually none of exist outside of insanely expensive CMS systems.

Systems Models



Social Networking for Advice

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