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WorkFlow Automation

Is your organization bogged down in tedious, repetitive tasks? Automate! Improve efficiency, save time, eliminate redundant operations, and reduce costly errors. Any time your people are thinking, "there must be a better way," there probably is!

Most departments can't afford to devote a full-time person to tools development. And its often not worth bringing someone in for a single tool. But across the organization, the startup cost and ongoing expense is easily justified. We can canvas your organization to see how many small to medium-sized tools are on the organization "wish list", then prioritize for maximum impact in the shortest possible time. A few months or weeks devoted to each department can have a tremendous impact on the bottom line!



  • Release Engineering
  • Software Development
  • Documentation
  • Help Systems and APIs
  • Quality Control


  • Specifications
  • Code
  • Usage Instructions
  • Test Suites
  • Training

Eric Armstrong has been designing and developing computer software since before there were personal computers. He is a contributing author at JavaWorld, and the author of The JBuilder 2 Bible. His programming experience includes business applications, expert systems, system libraries, real-time programs, artificial intelligence applications and, of course, tools. His past clients include Sun Microsystems, Rolm, DEC, and Data General.

Operating Systems
Windows NT, Windows 98, Windows 95
Scripting Languages
CSH, Perl, Awk, Sed, GnuMake, Sh
Programming Languages
Java, ML, Icon
others too numerous to mention
A Sampling:  
  DocCheck Analyzes API comments in Java source code, finds defects, and suggests text.
  Scheduler Tracks project tasks and durations and predicts completion dates. On the CD that accompanies The JBuilder 2 Bible. A single person application that does not handle complex dependencies.
  ProofTool Keeps a list of terms to change or review. Runs the entire list on a document at one time, giving the user interactive control over replacements. (MS-Word).
  WordToHTML Converts MS-Word Documents to HTML.
  HTML Table
Converts HTML tables into plain ASCII text for display on character-based CRTs.